We work using Agile methodologies to deliver value iteratively and continuously, ensuring software quality through automated controls.

We support our clients throughout the entire software lifecycle via Software Labs, which are composed of self-organized and self-sufficient teams of full-stack engineers, complemented by specific profiles.

Our work by the numbers:


specialized engineers


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Software Labs


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days’ worth of development

Self-Managed Full-Stack Cells

We rely on the technical excellence, maturity and experience of the professionals that make up our self-organized teams, including classic profiles focused on a single technology or programming language as well as full-stack profiles. We complete these teams with specific profiles, including cross-functional profiles when there are several units.

Line Manager

Responsible for global coordination, initial planning and economic management.

Front & Back Architects

Software architects responsible for global technical guidelines and monitoring of results.

Technical Leader

Responsible for the project’s technological innovation and application in the system.

Product Owner

Represents the customer and defines and prioritizes the functionalities to implement.

Business Analyst

Materializes the objectives and priorities of the functionalities, as indicated by the PO.

Full-Stack Developers

Developers working in pairs with knowledge of front- and back-end technologies.

Scrum Master

Ensuring compliance with methodology and managing the daily monitoring of systems.


Expert in automation of the development lifecycle, Iincluding QA & testing and environments.

UX / Design

Experts in design and UX, whose mission is to design the product with usability in mind.

Quality Assurance

Expert in testing execution and automation.

Agile & Iterative Development

Our model of teams based on independent areas allows us to handle projects of various scales in a coordinated manner, by simply including new development units and strengthening cross-functional teams.


We collaboratein global planning

We work with the client to establish a comprehensive plan and the deadlines or milestones to be met in the project.


We understandand cater to needs

We participate in the creation of requirements and the initial functional definition, as well as its evolution during sprints.


We define the architectureand the infrastructure

We define the macro-architecture and global infrastructure, and provide advice on technologies, products and frameworks.


We implementand deliver the solution

We codify our software according to strict QA rules, and make it available to the user at the end of each sprint.

Agile & SoftwareArchitecture

We establish a close relationship between methodology and software architecture, in such a way that all the teams’ capabilities are amplified from the highest layer by architecture and infrastructure.

This relationship between methodological processes and technical processes ultimately increases the efficiency of the process and the strategic impact on the top-down digital transformation of a company.

We apply a digital reengineering model that:

Simplifies the inclusion of automatic processes in methodology and development.

Facilitates the periodic delivery of results and, consequently, budget management.

Is oriented toward cutting-edge software architectures and IT infrastructures.

Relies on the talent of teams and on cross-functional and full-stack profiles.

Involves all roles (technical, management, etc.).

Our Services

In-House Development

We focus on technology and efficient project management with the very best professionals, so that you can focus on your business.

Development Cells

We configure these units by optimizing the necessary technological and technical expertise, and adapting to the needs of the project.

Software Integration

Adapted development: we integrate the developed software into the systems already in place and the platforms used by our clients.

Ad-Hoc Software

We identify needs, design solutions and develop customized software in accordance with all the requirements stipulated by the client.