What are we looking for?

We’re interested in your abilities and transferable skills, regardless of your technical background:

Tech Lovers

We’re looking for digital natives who are passionate about the technological world, highly motivated to learn and eager to constantly upgrade their technical knowledge. They should be prepared to construct original solutions utilizing their proficiency in languages, tools and cutting-edge technologies.

Creative Mindset

We’re interested in professionals with a strong creative and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the ability to adapt to the new scenarios presented by digital technology. They should also have a high level of disruptive problem-solving skills, suited to complex global business environments.

Proactive Leaders

We’re looking for people who are committed to the structure and methodologies of collaborative work. They should be interested in pursuing an active leadership role within and outside of our organization, as well as creating opportunities and establishing partnerships between different players in the technology sector.

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We encourage you to discover and explore some of the profiles at our company that are currently in high market demand. This will help you identify where you would fit within our organization based on your prior training, interests and professional experience.

Full-Stack Architects

Our developers are passionate about well-structured coding and software based on the highest quality standards. They’re proficient in a comprehensive technology stack, allowing them to define and create logical reference architectures that generate a highly valuable impact on our clients’ businesses.

Agile Experts

These highly versatile professionals act as the glue that keeps a team together, functioning as mentors, coaches and motivators during projects.

As experts in Agile frameworks and methodologies, they have excellent soft skills (creativity, communication, team management, motivation and negotiation), and are passionate about improving the configuration and design of our processes and businesses practices.

UX/UI Designers

As experts in visual design and user experience, our UX and UI consultants conceptualize, design, prototype and approve digital products, always focusing on the end user.

They’re curious and empathetic by nature, with highly developed active listening and observation skills. They investigate and collect crucial insights on human behavior to drive our own initiatives.

Data Scientists

Our analysts and data scientists combine their advanced mathematical and statistical skills with a strong business vision. This means that they can extract knowledge from large volumes of information from multiple sources, and identify insights that can be transformed into recommendations to improve our initiatives and solutions.

AI Engineers

Our artificial intelligence experts analyze and program complex algorithms that replicate human behavior in different kinds of applications.

They’re impressively driven to create intelligent solutions with the potential to drastically transform our lives, and are passionate about how machines learn.

Security Advisors

The members of our cybersecurity team are experts in ethical hacking and the creation of advanced security procedures. They’re highly specialized in protecting the infrastructures and confidential information of our clients’ companies from any kind of threat or cyberattack. They’re steadfast defenders of the open network, free from security vulnerabilities.

Tech Consultants

Our consultants are responsible for a wide range of projects, including technology consulting, digital transformation processes, change management initiatives, strategies for procedure and operations, strategic consulting and so on.

These dynamic, resolute and enterprising professionals share a passion for the digital and technological world, and are focused on finding new approaches and innovative solutions capable of generating an impressive impact.

Mobile Developers

With a focus on omni-channel strategies, our mobile developer team creates mobile applications for any smart device, regardless of operating system or model.

They’re focused on analyzing how new forms of connectivity can have an impact on our everyday lives, with particular interest in the technological and conceptual evolution of fields as varied as the Internet of Things, natural language processing and image recognition.

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