Vector Deep Surveillance is a comprehensive surveillance solution that has been developed using leading cybersecurity products that have been approved and certified by Spain’s National Cryptologic Centre, designed to ensure information security. The objective is the total protection based on the collection of all the information of the devices, users and networks of the client, to later analyze in real time their behavior, identifying patterns that could put at risk the security of the organization. These data are enriched by the inclusion of information about threats coming from multiple sources.

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The information is the new security perimeter.

Protection based in the existing information on the network.

Our solution has an Anti-APT with extended intelligence that is installed in the client’s equipment with an IDS and a Sniffer to capture the information, allowing us to perform profiling in real time of the devices requesting IPS (profiling and posturing), including access to threat repositories (IoCs), and with the necessary technology to process and analyze all the information collected, and act in case of need.

Vector Deep Surveillance includes security consulting services, where we carry out an in-depth investigation to determine the level of maturity of the IT infrastructure of each client, to analyze which implementation is the most optimal. Subsequently, the installation and configuration of all the probes is carried out, as well as the VDS infrastructure; in the client’s network and in ours. Subsequently, we offer the exploitation service based on a 24×7 SOC to analyze and act on the basis of the information managed.


Management of all our clients from a single instance, which facilitates the sharing of all the intelligence and information that has been acquired in the process.


Our solution is adapted to the services that the client has contracted, besides allowing the cataloging of roles in the users to control the accessible sections.


It facilitates the management of all available information, being the nerve center of the entire infrastructure deployed.