Softtek Bank App is a mobile application that allows you to customize your interaction with financial institutions, based on the same concepts behind social networks. The solution displays users’ financial activity with contextual information. Physical interaction with the bank is never necessary, since all operations take place entirely through the user’s smartphone. Some of the solution’s features are also accessible via smartwatches. It’s a fully online bank with cutting-edge, real-time visualization and UX.

SectorFintechTechnologyEarthport, Ripple

A new way to interact with the bank.


Visualization and control of personal finances (income, expenses, etc.) in an easy and intuitive way, with user experience based on contextual information.

100% Online

Verification is managed through a video call, eliminating the need for in-person verification. Ability to photograph documents and scan information via OCR.

Your Way

Customize the way you view and control your finances (colors, categories, icons, etc.). You can create and edit any type of image to link to scheduled or invoiced payments.