Business innovation doesn’t need to be risky. One of the best ways to support decision-making is by designing and carrying out experiments with a scientific basis. The creation of algorithms and the application of complex mathematical concepts is extremely difficult, and isn’t usually part of most companies’ core business. KMD helps you rigorously design a scientific experiment, and offers evidence-based conclusions that allow you to develop and improve your business results.

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Design of experiments for decision-making.


Users of any skill level can design, implement and analyze pilot studies based ​on science. Use KMD to find out which business activities are profitable, focus efforts on what works and optimize performance.


The complexity of scientific validation and the high volume of mathematical calculations can be obstacles when it comes to experimentation. KMD is responsible for all calculation processes.


Our process is designed to incorporate industry best practices into an automated process, so that you can obtain completely reliable results in each of the experiments you design.

Guided Process

Upload your database or performance metrics and you'll get a design for a pilot experiment. Implement it and add the performance data to receive advice on what actions to take.


Share the designs and analyses of the experiments you've created, so that your colleagues can execute and analyze their own scenarios and hypotheses.


KMD uses powerful graphics to let you view and interact with the design of your experiment, and to help you understand the decisions you’re making throughout the process.