EANS Software allows you to fully centralize, monitor, optimize and manage all of your online sales on a single platform in real time—regardless of the volume of products you sell, the number of marketplaces in which you do business or the amount of orders you manage. Our platform is based on an algorithm capable of tracking any product with an EAN (bar code) across the entire network. With this data, we’re able to automatically place any product in any sales channel at the optimal price to increase the volume of orders.

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Centralize all of your e-commerce from a single platform.

One tool.Thousands of newonline orders.

Thanks to the integration of our tool in all of our stakeholders’ different systems, you’ll be able to jointly manage the whole sales cycle and logistics of your orders.

Marketplace Selection

Consulting and advice on business strategy, including inventory & catalogue analysis.


Online price updates based on business rules and competition.

Sales and Logistics

Centralized integration of order flow and synchronization with all the providers.


Guidance to maintain superb marketplace metrics and quality standards.

Product Publishing

Creation and publication of a centralized product catalog for each marketplace.

Order Picking

Sales from each marketplace are centralized at a single point.

Customer Service

Automation of communication with the end customer through our own ERP system.

Big Data and Accounting

Integration with the vendor’s accounting systems. Sales analytics.

Greater Presence and Sales: Adding Channels

We exponentially increase sales opportunities by publishing in multiple marketplaces, automating the creation and publication of a product catalog and facilitating logistical agreements.

Real-Time Reaction: Enhancing the Buy Box

We continuously update prices, guaranteeing top sales positions and drastically increasing profitability through our re-pricing algorithm.

Automated Tracking

We centralize all order picking and tracking with a single tool (regardless of how many marketplaces are involved), which we integrate with the rest of the sales and logistics platforms.

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