Air Cargo is an immediate, adaptable and geolocalized last-mile delivery service, specially designed for electronic commerce. It makes it possible for an order to be delivered within hours of its purchase by using the inventory of physical stores. We have a point-to-point logistics system. The business makes an electronic sale, and our drivers immediately pick up and deliver that item alone—without complex routes, storage or delays.

SectorRetail & E-commerceTechnologyRipple, P2P

A new type of e-commerce delivery—in two hours.


We provide an order tracking system with deliveries that are identified and linked to a geolocalized driver, so that the business and the end customer can track orders in real time.

Total Control

The business can access a map that’s updated in real time, allowing them to track the orders in progress and access the history and information of those that have already been delivered.


The end customer can track their individual delivery in real time, and even contact the driver who’s completing it. They know where their order is and who has it.


All the vehicles included in our fleet are 100% electric with no emissions or noise pollution, promoting environmentally friendly delivery.

Our Logistics

Our logistics are based on a franchise model of interconnected hubs. These are linked through mechanisms of collaborative delivery, with internal staff or approved distributors.


We adapt to the needs of the end customer and the business, and can make changes after the service is under way. We also encourage customer feedback on our couriers.

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