Our HUB channels all the activities related to innovation. It allows us to incorporate the latest trends from throughout the digital world, while we focus our time, attention and resources on generating new and impactful ideas. It provides a secure environment where ideas can be developed and tested.


Technological innovation acts as a springboard for identifying new business opportunities, designing and marketing new products and redefining customer loyalty strategies.


Revolutionizing standard business processes requires the right technological tools.

Adoption of new technologies enables the organization of these processes and facilitates quick and easy information retrieval.


Before any action is taken, evaluation is crucial. Data analysis tools must provide the data necessary to make decisions in a flexible, practical way. This allows us to reliably predict market behavior and adjust all existing resources.

Our challenge is to transform innovative ideas into real, tangible and valuable solutions for our clients, helping them to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

In everything we do, we always consider our clients and their business needs—as well as our clients' customers and their experiences. Nothing matters more to us than the practicality of our ideas and the value that they provide.

To identify areas for business opportunities and digital trends.

To identify new technologies and new disruptive areas where they can be applied.

To build an ecosystem of global value with leading disruptive partners.

To generate conversion value and customer loyalty for our clients’ businesses.

To explore new agile frameworks and tools to enhance our own working methodology.

Our Strategic Framework


Pro-ActiveTech Scouting

An active search for technology companies with which we can establish business relationships, in order to create synergies that meet the innovation needs of each company.

GlobalTech Call

This global platform is used to establish contact with other companies in the sector, startup incubators and innovation centers, forming a professional, collaborative network around our HUB. As a result, we can bring together a large community of institutions and decision-makers from both supply and demand chains, forming strong relationships that help to promote digital innovation.

Research &Innovation

Inner InnovationShowcase Room

An internal innovation platform where ideas, time and company resources can be managed. It incorporates elements of gamification to incentivize and promote the production of ideas within the organization, as well as the exchange of valuable services between suppliers or partners. Consolidating information in this way stimulates the expansion and development of ideas, improving business operations as a result.

Techchonology &Innovation Radar

Detection and understanding of key technology trends and changes in the market. Various sources of information can be compared in order to react to unexpected changes to legislation, products and solutions. In addition, several different technological areas can be monitored using a single platform.

All of this knowledge is processed and systematized in our Digital Transformation Observatory through a single information bank, equipped with data and knowledge based on publications, web seminars and workshops prepared by expert analysts.

Management& Integration


Analysis conducted through AI-enabled software, utilizing a large variety and volume of structured and unstructured data from various sources. This allows for an automated due diligence report to be created, with information on volume and market acceptance, competitor analysis, brand awareness and a compilation of insights including evaluations and expert commentary.


A way to test solutions by running multiple PoCs in secure cloud-based environments. This reduces the amount of time and money spent, since the technological solution can be executed in a system that mimics the corporate environment without being physically implemented. Increased efficiency by introducing the technological solution to different kinds of parameters.

Our Services

Open Innovation Plaftorm

A platform for the comprehensive management of innovation, created to help companies meet their R&D+i objectives. It facilitates the connection of all stakeholders, as well as recommendations and management of all capital invested in innovation.

Design & Training

The process of designing, prototyping and testing our solutions must be fast and agile. This allows us to generate PoCs quickly in order to validate the viability of a new initiative with the company.

  • Customer journey mapping.
  • Business model & prototype validation.
  • Concept & co-creation development.
  • Lean Startup implementation.
  • Innovation & creativity training.

Innovation Consulting

In an increasingly digital environment, new market trends, technological products and solutions are materializing at a speed that requires an open innovation model, allowing us to connect with external innovators in a systematic way.

We establish relationships between our competence centers and external agents, generating a far-reaching network of knowledge. This allows us to detect and analyze raw, innovative material with the potential to be transformed into valuable solutions.

  •  Innovation strategy & transformation.
  • Corporate innovation program.
  • Go-to-market accelerator.
  • Design & hackathon sprints.
  • Intrapreneurship programs.