Blockchain: The Safest Known Technology

The decentralized, open and cryptographic nature of blockchain establishes an environment of trust that allows for peer-to-peer transactions, making intermediaries obsolete and resulting in unprecedented security benefits.


Global economic transactions conducted through blockchain in 2020.


Financial institutions that expect to adopt blockchain technology in 2020.


Savings derived from the complete global adoption of blockchain, in millions of dollars.

The Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Decentralization and Trustworthy Exchange

Individual transactions have their own validity test. If the information were to fall into the wrong hands, only a small amount of data would be compromised.

Simplification of Ecosystems

A blockchain can serve as a single accounting ledger that’s shared with all stakeholders in the network.

Lower Transactional Costs

Elimination of external intermediaries and drastic reduction of the general expenses associated with traditional transactions.

High-Quality Data

All data that can be found within the blockchain network is complete, consistent, accurate and totally available.

Durability and Reliability

Due to its decentralized nature, it doesn’t have a central point that’s susceptible to failure—making it better at withstanding attacks than any traditional system.


Blockchains are shared and their contents are visible, which results in greater trust.

High Availability

The system has a high degree of availability. Even if the nodes leave the network or become inaccessible, the network continues to function without incident.

Faster Transactions

Transactions can be processed within minutes at any moment, since they don’t require a lengthy process of verification, reconciliation and settlement.

Enabled Users

Users have control over all of their information and transactions, without having to depend on a third party to run the program.

Infinite Multi-Sectoral Applications

In addition to cryptocurrencies, they can digitalize global management processes; all participants engage in close collaboration without compromising privacy or confidentiality, minimizing arbitration and cost.


  • Internet of Things.
  • Chain of Custody.
  • KYC & AML Compliance.
  • Workflow Management.
  • Digital Voting.
  • Medical R&D / Reporting.


  • Legal Contracts.
  • Clearing and Settlement.
  • Financial Asset Management.
  • Digital Identity Assurance.
  • Ticketing.
  • Audit.


  • Regulatory Reporting.
  • Distributed Trading.
  • Reward / Loyalty Schemes.
  • Notary & Data Services.
  • Asset Ownership
  • Insurance Contracts.


  • Digital Rights Management.
  • Automated Stock Control.
  • Tax Automation.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Crowfunding.
  • Payments.

Our Services

Development Teams

Teams that specialize in the development of Blockchain technology, with extensive experience in complex projects, Agile methodologies and the latest technology stack on the market. According to each client’s needs, our teams can work on-site or remotely.

Closed Projects

Experience and ability to participate in closed projects based on blockchain technology, from the initial phase to the final entry into production, running development using Agile methodologies and accelerating time to market.

Our Own Products

Constantly innovating and investing in the development of products that create value for our clients and offer them tangible innovation.

As a result of this strategy, we have a series of products primed and ready to be put into production at short notice—with no need for ad-hoc development.


Management of coursesfor training institutions.

Management of all of the institution’s courses and students, generating certificates and storing them in the blockchain network while ensuring that they’re incorruptible and legitimate. This allows them to be shared quickly and easily without the risk of counterfeiting.


Wallet for micropaymentswith FIAT currency.

Mobile application (available for iOS and Android) designed to conduct simple online micropayments, reducing fees as much as possible. The user pays with fiat currency (euros, dollars, pounds, etc.).


Change managementwith functional reach.

An application for the control of project reach and change requests made by clients. Allows client change requests to be recorded in order to avoid uncertainty in the billing process. Ensures optimal tracking of changes, including the economic aspect.


Asset managementin insurance policies.

Designed for the certification of assets insured by a home insurance policy, through the tokenization of each of them. This allows the insurer to handle the payment of assets that are currently registered by the insured, and to calculate the premium for them more precisely.


An app forinternational transfers.

This mobile app (for iOS and Android) enables faster and cheaper international transfers. It ensures anonymity, maintains traceability in case proof of transaction is needed, and eliminates the risk of counterfeiting.