We live in a world where cyberattacks are a fact of life.

The current technological context demands a new security paradigm that’s focused on monitoring and analyzing all available information in order to identify and prevent any malicious cyberattacks on organizations. The Cybersecurity Lab offers solutions and services to help organisations cope with this new era.

VDS: Our Platform

Vector Deep Surveillance is a comprehensive surveillance solution that has been developed using leading cybersecurity products that have been approved and certified by Spain’s National Cryptologic Centre, designed to ensure information security.


Allows for management of all our clients from a single entity, facilitates the sharing of all intelligence and information acquired between them, and maximizes management of the entire client base.


Manage any and all of the services the client has contracted, and allows for user roles to be cataloged in order to control which sections are accessible to each of them.


Facilitates the management of all available information, as it’s the central point for the entire client infrastructure deployed, as well as for Softtek’s own infrastructure as the information manager.

Our Architecture: Modules

Capture and Discovery

We gather information on agents and tools in the client network, which we thoroughly analyze and then act upon.

Intelligence and Prevention

Current information on threats through STIX format interpreters from multiple sources and real-time information screening.

Operation and Remediation

Data aggregation platform to gather information from prior modules, including intelligence tactics based on data mining and big data.

Analysis and Prediction

Operations Center: 24/7 team working on the VDS platform. Correlation of all information and management of all services offered.

Our Services

Vector Deep Surveillance

Protection based on network information, through the collection of information from the client’s devices, users and networks. This subsequently allows their behavior to be analyzed in real time, identifying patterns that could put the organization’s security at risk.

This data also includes information about threats coming from multiple sources, allowing businesses to anticipate attacks.

Preventive Security

Through Pentesting, our Preventive Protection service detects vulnerabilities in our clients’ systems and networks, addressing them before they can constitute a real security risk.

We utilize our knowledge and experience in ethical hacking to ensure that our clients’ systems remain confidential, legitimate, trustworthy and accessible.

Code Audit

Using the SonarQube tool, which is configured using specific regulations to ensure the code’s quality and security, we conduct a security audit of the source code, analyze its quality and produce an extensive report on the vulnerabilities detected.

The document we produce presents a series of proposals based on the weaknesses found, resulting in code with the highest possible quality and security.

In the last two years, 32% of Spanish businesses have suffered attacks.

Deep Web

By nature, the deep web is the ideal place to market stolen information. It’s teeming with data on current account information, confidential client information, malicious activity, reputational risk, actual risks, large-scale attacks and so on.

By analyzing the deep web with Vector Deep Surveillance (along with DELFOS), we can identify all of the information that’s been stolen, and determine whether critical information has been leaked.

Front-End Protection

We incorporate behavior-based security software for customer portal access, allowing us to identify phishing threats before they can occur, DNS cache poisoning (spoofing), DDoS attacks and attacks on online business (the cause of crashes that can lead to lost sales, damaged reputations and faulty customer security).

With TrapCode, we can detect attacks against online channels moments before they occur, allowing automated countermeasures to be deployed and preventing these attacks from having an impact.

Virtual CISO

  • Works with the security committee to establish, review, confirm and maintain the company’s security policy and the general responsibilities of every area within the organization when it comes to data security.
  • Identifies security objectives and metrics in accordance with the strategic security plan.
  • Defines the network’s security architecture, network access and policies on monitoring and surveillance.