Vector ITC begins to operate under Softtek name, establishing itself as a Global Digital Solutions company

  • Move is part of acquisition by Softtek, announced in December 2019.
  • Current board of directors, composed of executives from both companies, will continue to run Softtek’s operations in Europe, headed by Carlos Delgado Suárez..

Vector ITC, a global technology and digital services company, will start operating under the name Softtek, thus concluding the integration process following the announcement of the acquisition by Softtek in 2019.

Since its creation, Vector ITC has been regarded as one of the most dynamic and prominent Spanish companies in the field of digital solutions for Europe. Upon joining Softtek, it now forms part of a next-generation global force in digital solutions across the world.

“Since 2002, when we created Vector ITC, we envisioned technology’s potential as a vehicle to create value; to drive our customers’ digital change in a disruptive way. That vision is now stronger than ever after becoming an integral part of the Softtek family,” explained Carlos Delgado, Managing Director of Softtek Europe. “As Softtek, we will continue to be committed to innovation, promoting creativity as a driver of competitiveness and a driving force behind the development of individuals, organizations and communities,” he added.

Following the integration, Softtek now has more than 15,000 professionals across the world—3,000 of them in Europe, and a wide range of capabilities to support its customers in the design and implementation of digital solutions, transforming their technology portfolios and operating models using data, automation and artificial intelligence. Clients will benefit from capabilities which include:

  • A wide range of digital solutions.
  • Strong consulting capabilities in various sectors.
  • Greater support and strength for clients in the Americas, Europe and China.
  • Global delivery capacity through the Global Nearshore model created by Softtek.
  • Greater opportunity to attract and retain talent.

“We are very excited for our future which includes a tremendous commitment to our customers and our team in Europe,” stated Blanca Treviño, Softtek’s President and CEO. “The fact that they have each chosen us above anyone else is a privilege that we are proud to accept, along with the responsibility of continuing to create value for our customers’ businesses, and the professional future of our employees.”

Softtek is a global provider of digital solutions, with nearly four decades of history. It is recognized as the
creator and pioneer of the global Nearshore delivery model, which allows agile, high-performance and
large-scale models to be implemented globally. Softtek has 19 delivery centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Its cognitive automation platform, FRIDA, was recently named a “Major Contender” by Everest Group.