The rapid growth of cyber threats

The market for cyber services is growing. In the last year, data breaches and cyber attacks have increased significantly, so the share of cyber insurance is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.

The revolution of SASE solutions for the cloud

Increasingly, companies are trying to grow rapidly through cloud computing, but as is well known, it involves an ever-increasing volume of data, applications, services or users working from outside the company's secure…

The Detection-As-Code (DaC) approach to cybersecurity

Today, manual threat detection processes are becoming obsolete. Detection engineering can advance security operations, especially detection as code (DaC), which is a very suitable approach to threat detection.

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence used for and how is it used?

The great technological evolution experienced in recent decades is bringing great benefits to society, generating resources that facilitate daily life and making human beings more efficient. Provided that the technology…

The layered security of Defence in Depth (DiD)

Before remote working became widespread, office buildings only gave access to information to employees with credentials and an active directory account along with a corporate laptop with permissions to access company…

The new Cybersecurity Grid architecture

With the rise of remote working in the wake of the pandemic, cyber threats have increased significantly, so companies have had to adapt their operations to ensure scalable and flexible cyber security access control.

XDR: the key to companies’ cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is facing an increasing number of threats and, consequently, the number of tools to combat them is growing. At this point, organisations with multiple tools are finding it difficult to effectively manage…

NFT The solution for authenticating digital assets?

In recent weeks, various media outlets have been talking about the popularisation of NFTs, due to the fact that a digital artist, known as Beeple, has sold one of his artworks for $69 million.

The idea of protecting servers is reinforced

At the beginning of March 2021, several cybersecurity researchers have detected a ransomware that exploits different vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers. These vulnerabilities are known as zero-day, as they…

Protecting a company through Bug Bounty Platforms

Bug Bounty Platforms (BBP), or bug bounty platforms, were born to shape a new era of cybersecurity. These programmes allow hackers to report bugs in an organisation's system, such as security exploits, process problems,…