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“I’d like to thank Softtek for their efforts in all of our joint projects. We’re developing relevant initiatives for TUI DX’s business, which are increasing our leadership abilities and generating the best UX for our customers through digitalization.”

David García

CIO, TUI Destination Experiences.

“To compete successfully in the new and complex digital ecosystem, it’s essential to have a partner that simplifies this complexity. Thanks to their know-how in business and technology, Softtek is able to reduce this complexity and make everything run smoothly.”

Mª Teresa Agujetas

Global Chief Architect Officer, Banco Santander.

“Softtek successfully developed a website in five different languages for a company with more than 6,000 employees in less than six months. Their flexibility and adaptation to our business culture have been exceptional, and we’re very happy with our decision to work with them in this project.”

Marisa Huaynalaya

Head of Digital Solutions, TUI Group.

“Our goal was to promote our e-commerce. We chose Softtek for their skills, flexibility and commitment. Over the span of a few years, they helped us connect our business with the world of technology. Five years later, there’s no doubt that we made the right decision. Online sales increased from 10% to 20% of total business.”

Juan Vieites

CIO, Parques Reunidos.

“Through advanced statistical analysis, Softtek has provided us with information that’s highly valuable for the business, identifying the most profitable categories and items for the company. Thanks to our partner, their vast knowledge in our sector and their specialization in technology, we’ve optimized our jewelry line, increasing sales volume and reducing the cost of operations.”

José María Folache

CEO, Tous.

“Thanks to Softtek, Ocaso transformed its technical assistance system into an efficient global maintenance service for its applications. Based on a collaborative model, the new service is being developed according to an agreed-upon methodology for each task, allowing for realistic resource planning and a considerable reduction in the costs of each project implemented.”

Juan Nuñez

CIO, Ocaso.

“We’d like to thank Softtek for their efforts and dedication, which went far beyond our expectations and have allowed us to update Telepizza’s corporate website in record time. Once again, Softtek as a company has provided us with an exceptional service.”

Emilio Tovar

CIO, Telepizza.

“At times when budgets are limited, we don’t want our technological evolution to come to a halt. Thanks to Softtek and their project efficiency and great performance, we don’t have to give up on either of our core business goals.”

Josep Escoriza Martínez

Media Director, Crèdit Andorrà.