Softtek Responsible:Committed to the development of society.

Through our CSR, we actively and voluntarily contribute to social, economic and environmental causes, which are essential for moving toward a fairer and more caring world. We’re working on developing and implementing a social action plan in line with our corporate culture, in which the involvement of our employees is essential. The charitable initiatives that we promote are grouped into the following lines of action.


We seek to contribute to the economic and social well-being of our organization beyond the business.


Each year we publish our sustainability report, in which we show our results, global capabilities and programs. Our reports follow the guidelines and guidelines established by the independent Global Reporting Initiative.

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Committed to developing our business with integrity, building trust through the full compliance of everything we promise, and basing our proposal on the highest ethical standards.

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ISO 26000

Our principles adhere to the seven principles of ISO, the most relevant international guideline on Social Responsibility.

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We generate an environment that allows a diverse group of people to develop and achieve a balance between life and work.

Careers at Softtek

Our talent development program is designed for anyone who wants to start, evolve or consolidate their professional career.

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Through the Wellness program, our Softtekians can create healthy habits, stay physically active, set goals and track their health status.

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Our founders used to meet on Thursdays to have a good time after work. Today, our integration events include anniversary parties, holiday celebrations and the famous "juevebes".

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Inclusion and Diversity

We recognize that talent is diverse. We respect the identity and living conditions of each person. We promote equal treatment and opportunities.

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At Softtek, we believe in using technology to achieve a sustainable future.


A program whose main objective is the inclusion of young people in the IT industry. It consists of a 5-month course focused on training in programming, entrepreneurship, human development and English.

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Pro - Bonus

We constantly support the strengthening of non-profit organizations through digital transformation so that they can increase their impact on society.

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Solidarity Foundation

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities where we operate through internally organized volunteer actions.

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